Love is overrated..

Love is overrated
It does not solve everything
It destroys more than its made of
Like breaking after entering
Burn the building to the ground
Swallow the ashes and choke on it
Learn to let go what doesn’t count
Forget the sacrifices you both offered

Memories, both good and bad
Mean less than nothing
And should be forgotten
No loss of pride in feeling sad
Our cries hide behind raindrops
And tears will dry by sunshine
Breathe on until the pain stops
And keep your heart close to your mind

Leave the past for the history books
Grow towards a future that you decide today
Don’t worry about the time and difficulty it took
Focus on your own power and walk away

Because love may come
But don’t let it change you
It should’nt control your person
Or what you go and went through

And then love may go
But remember to know
That everything happens
Exactly as it has to
There are no reasons or patterns
So start every day as new

And remind yourself to remember
That coincidence doesn’t exist
There is no more to it
Than what it really is

Don’t fear for jealousy or hatred
The worst things are often also the greatest
Don’t try to make unworthy feelings sacred
Cause truth is, love is overrated ; )



Keep myself on a level
To where no man can travel
No one would be able
To handle what I have
No matter how calm or stable
They’ll only get through half
The other part stays on lock
Cause I don’t need to get stuck
In some other person’s life again
Got myself to live with
And that’s already more than
I can handle or care for
Don’t feel the need to share more
Cause it doesn’t bring me nothing new or good
Knowing better is what I always do or should
And if somehow I fall
In love or in darkness
I’ll get up with no help at all
Because I’d rather be heartless
Just to make sure I get scarred less