.Butterfly Lullaby.

At night she takes flight
Across the skies so bright
Lit up by the moon’s shine
Neither yours, never mine

In silver air she flows
Along locked windows
Deep in the dark she goes
Unaware of her foes

She prays for the sun’s fire
But careful to not get killed
By her heart’s desire
That with disease is filled

And the dangers that lure
In this nocturnal weather
Her soft wings flap pure
They strike light like a feather

But strong like a chain
As long as she can remain
She will rise between the shadows
And sleep in innocent meadows

When the dew has dried
And the roosters have cried
She’s off to her daily sleep
Lost in dreams she wills to keep



You’ve invaded my system and I don’t know who you are. You came out of nowhere and took all control effortlessly. I could never fight you because I never wanted to. Like venomous poison you infiltrated my veins and embodied my heart.

I need protection, I need to hide my inner core from you. Which is impossible for me if you don’t let me. So I’m trying to get away. It’s my only chance of saving myself. From you.

You’re too dangerous for me to be around. I’ll only lose more of myself with you. You’re too powerful in your prescense and entire being. I would dissolve into oblivion. I already am.