I miss you profoundly
Endless supply of electrified embraces
Infinite flow of sensational kisses
Warm sweetness soothing my skin
My lips & my taste buds
My hearing, my vision
My unquenchable thirst to feel you within

It’s been too long
I’m astounded in hindsight
To how we could let distance
Come in between once more

I crave you unbearably
Thoughts of how long still to wait
Memories of graphic passionate love we made
Exceeding the laws of attraction
Surpassing the surplus
Delicately savoring
Transcending satisfaction
With ease defying any concepts of perfection

This shall when we
Liberate from separation
Adorn the beauty of this romance
Come together will we only more


The Edge

Every other day is like a journey
To the end of the world for me
Standing there, on the edge of darkness
I wonder if it’s worth the fight
The constant struggle to exist
Never will my days begin or end bright and shiny
Sunshine is nothing but a covering shadow
Which haunts me, taunting me
With interrogation on my incompetence
It shows the weak side of me
Forces me to protect my illness with a mask
Because without the scars, I am no one
And only in the lightlessness I grow
That’s why I flee this world of chaos
In any chance I get
I am not dead, or alive either
An unliving undead is my defining essence
The edge is where I prefer to reside

Rainbow Dreams

I lived within a dream
Many shadows had been cast on me
Some from eye lids falling shut
Some from clouds that fogged the sky

I woke up in the dust
A mist so unsettling I could not rest
Every where it bit my skin
Every time I let it become

Until the clock got turned around
Just in my mind I saw the thought
A vision came clear as lashes did fall
A stroke of air touched what was never to recall

I grabbed on hold and flew along
All the way to the morning sun
Over hills of ice and sighs
Condensation behind my eyes

I rested when the awaited return
Of saddened goodbyes was spoken and learned
The reason to swim within a rainbow
Remains in a multitude of uncoming tomorrows