Hashtag 2018

People please..
Stop it with the 2018 magical unicorn rainbow ride
“New year, new me, new life, new goals, new chances, new opportunities, new energy, new ambitions, resolutions, motivation” [new phone, who this?]
Stop it with the “leaving [insert negative notion of reality] in 2017
Like you haven’t been saying that for every year to come
For what or who?
Some kind of mental warp
We’ve all been conditioned to take a liking to
But it’s not the beginning or ending
Of anything

Nothing has changed
You’re still the same you
The sky still appears to us as blue
The sun still rises in the east
(that is, in the northern hemisphere at least)
Life is still what you make it
Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder
(Self) Love & kindness are still important
Blessings are still on their way
Prayers are still being heard

Nothing has changed
Except for the numeral counting on a human construction
[date] If only we could swipe that left, right?

Story of my life

There are people with a religion.
There are people with a culture.
There are people with a job.
There are people with a family.
And then there are people with a story.

I am a person with a story.
I have a story, not only to tell, but to carry with me as well.

I am not defined by the culture I grew up or live in, or the
religious beliefs that I hold.
I am not defined by the training I had, or the career I
might pursue.
I am not defined by the family that raised me or the people that I surround myself with.

I am defined by that story.
The story of my life.


Hello Reader,

I will try to explain why the name of my blog is:
Truth Beyond Mystery

As known to us all:
Nothing really is what it seems.

With me, this also is the case. I’ve always been looking past my true essence, escaping myself, knowing the world around me wasn’t ready for it.
Truth is, I wasn’t ready to realize who I am.
I use the word ‘realize’ with emphasis, because it means two things in this context:
In the first sense, I think I was for too long afraid to truly see and know myself.. In the second, I was unable to find the right path to make myself, to become who I ought to be.

This realization-process so to speak, has only recently begun its development. Finding my way out of this hiding place, trying to get used to the sunlight and fresh air.

I’m trying to get through the maze of mystery I build around me to cover myself. I’m trying to bring out my true essence and let it flourish and shine.
Recognize my being as whole and not fear any part of it.
This really is about becoming fearless in every aspect of life.

My thought of the day:
See things how they are and how they ought to be. Be fearless and passionate.

Poem of Inspiration

Today I would like to share with you a poem I wrote last night. It represents my current attitude, my mental state is elevated.

Inspired by someone I know, I’ve put it to words:

You make me want to achieve something
You make me want to work & fight & strive
You make me believe in the power of wanting
You inspire me to make something of my life

And all just by looking at you
And all you’ve done and all you do
It doesn’t make me jealous
It doesn’t make me feel I am less

It just makes me want to be more
Try harder, have a goal to go for
Grow farther
Towards where no one has been before

And beyond
Do what I really want
And what I’m good at
Be smart, keep my mind set
Never regret, and never forget
Pride is something I always had

Now it’s time to put it to good use
If I don’t try to win
I will definetly lose
And that’s something
I simply refuse
So I’m going all in
To follow what I choose

Thanks for the inspiration
Heartfelt without hesitation
One day you’ll catch my appreciation
I promise this, without exaggeration”

I hope you liked it.. In my next post I’ll try to explain why and how I came to name my blog ‘Truth Beyond Mystery’ (:

My thought of the day:
Everything implies access to possibilities.
Possibilities imply access to everything.

I’ve decided to blog..

Hello to all that might be reading this,

I’ve finally made the decision to write a blog. I’ve been a writer for a while now (I write poetry and short stories), but I never really gone public with any of my work.

I’ll be using this blog to post some of my latest or greatest pieces, or maybe sometimes just to let my thoughts flow on whatever subject is relevant at the time. Like a window to my mind.

I don’t know who will read this blog, if anyone.. But I think it’s important to share not only knowledge and information, but also thoughts and views on the world we live in. Maybe someday, someone will be able to use or value it. That’s the main reason why I finally decided to blog.

My thought of the day:
Openness is important to let ideas and opportunities flow in, and let less worthy memories drain out.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with a more substantial follow up blog ; )

Love, Gita