Then you meet someone, and you click immediately in a most absurd uncomfortable way, that you should actually be thinking ‘No way!?’ but you think ‘Yess, just that!’

and then you clatter constantly into one another, like marbles in a jar, until suddenly the lid rolls off and both slip away.

Spinning around, looking, seeking each other. But you will never see each other again, that’s as certain as certainty itself. So much coincidence does not exist.

Why did we speak of such trivial things, and forgot in the fun of our flirtation to exchange our data completely? Why does contact with some people come so easily as naturally and why do some people remain hanging in your mind, even though you haven’t known them more than 10 minutes? Why do I only know your name, age and residency?

Ohh and the smile you sketched on my heart, as to rehearse a tattoo of happiness.. That will never become, because I shall never see you again. But the memory alone, lightens my day


.daydreams & nightmares.

Eyes filled with rays of sunlight
I dream away about illusions of love
The promise of nomore violent fights
Impossible to get in reach of

Believing makes the mind grow
To immeasurable proportions
What you see, and want, and know
Can cause for internal distortion

The thing I’m searching for
Unwillingly but still sure
Does not exist
Like the care, I thought to share
Or see in your eyes before
It’s an unclear mist
That covers the senses
Like living in daydreams
When the mind comprehenses
That nothing is what it seems
But the heart has hope
And is easy to influence
No matter how thin the rope
Love lets you hang on your essence
Making you believe you can cope
Pushing you out of balance

And when you fall
You never hit ground
You never recall
Why you were up there at all
And in every thing you do
You get flushed by flashbacks
Of a past full of scratches and cracks
Yet never the less
You never surpress
Any of those nightmares
They control your ego
The reason for all your cares
Your worries so lethal

I never believed in love
Until i fell for its lies
Together with all the above
Plus some heartpain and cries
Nights when sleeping is irrelevant
Begin and end with these
Daydreams and nightmares so innocent
But they slaughter every piece
Of ignorance
And inner peace