What may it take to feel alive?

Are bad decisions for good reasons truly wrong? I’ve been wondering and can’t find the answers in all the generic ‘right’ ways or places. What if my desires and responsibilities contradict each other, what if my values and principles clash? Without trying to sound too much like a relativist, morality is fluid. Even if the mass stays the same, the (individual) shape will constantly move, morph, change, grow, evolve. Sometimes even back into a previously familiar form. Although backwards growth isn’t possible, this direction of movement can sometimes prove useful. If only to remember, recollect and cherish dearly what once was.


Mystery to me

Purple skies and lightning striking remind me of why I met you
You luminate my mind and soften my heart with all that you are
My senses are covered by your sweetness through whatever I fall into
When I’m in your presence and you shine over me like my very own star

Being alive never felt so purposed and meaningful
Being aware was never before so necessary for me
Being fearless causes me to enjoy how I’m free to fall
Being honest and open makes it all so effortless to see

I’ve never in my life believed so truly in one essence
Because of that I feel justified in knowing that it’s real
I preciously cherish each and every of your lessons
You are to me a mystery awaiting for me to reveal


Time for a fresh start
A new view
Roads less hard
To follow or pursue
You can travel a milion miles
Only to find nothing more
Than what has been here all the while
Just waiting in front of your door

Sometimes the little things we see every day
And don’t notice as special or outstanding
Are the things that can take our breath away
Even beyond our wildest wishes and understanding

Train me, tame me, tie me down
Teach me to love and cherish
Without a fear or frown
I don’t care to drown
Cause I’ve been to the bottom
And swam back to the top again
So I’m ready to become
Someone who dares and can