Then you meet someone, and you click immediately in a most absurd uncomfortable way, that you should actually be thinking ‘No way!?’ but you think ‘Yess, just that!’

and then you clatter constantly into one another, like marbles in a jar, until suddenly the lid rolls off and both slip away.

Spinning around, looking, seeking each other. But you will never see each other again, that’s as certain as certainty itself. So much coincidence does not exist.

Why did we speak of such trivial things, and forgot in the fun of our flirtation to exchange our data completely? Why does contact with some people come so easily as naturally and why do some people remain hanging in your mind, even though you haven’t known them more than 10 minutes? Why do I only know your name, age and residency?

Ohh and the smile you sketched on my heart, as to rehearse a tattoo of happiness.. That will never become, because I shall never see you again. But the memory alone, lightens my day


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