Blue Moon

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image found on pinterest

Today we experience that very rare occassion, the blue moon occurrence. Although it’s been toned down and sculpted into a very uncreative scientific deformation, it is based on an actual special appearance the moon can sometimes portray.

I read yesterday (paraphrased from I fucking love science):

A blue moon rises from the ashes of something earthly that burned away.

Like a phoenix.

Once in a blue moon, a phoenix comes along. She will die every night to be reborn the next day. From her own ashes she will rise. That what burns her down also sparks her up and awakens her from the dust below. To fly on wings of fire, leaving behind a trail of light & destruction. For everything she touches will be marked by an adorning scar, so she will never be forgotten.

In celebration of the original blue moon, let’s remember what symbolic meaning hides in its shade.


2 thoughts on “Blue Moon

    1. Me too, I was totally mesmerized when I saw it last night and then it wasn’t even completely full yet!! Did fully inspire me into writing this little piece ^_^


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