Being there

There’s something so devastating
about their inner broken sadness
of someone who I attribute
most of my happiness to
A feeling so powerless
seeing them helplessly hopeless
with no surge of optimism
seeming to reach through
What can I do?
I know nothing
because I’ve been there myself
all that really helps, is offering to help
Concern and care
are more important
than merely
Being there



The only reason why I need people in my life, is to be reminded that they are never to be trusted or relied on.

A simple reminder for everyone:

Just know, in the back of your head, but try to keep it close to the surface of your heart, that when it comes down to the real essence, there is exactly nobody there for you. Regardless the cause or nature of your troubles. Regardless if it’s trouble or perhaps even happiness you have to share. There is nobody who really cares, nobody you can count on. You have nobody.

So feel free to get connected, involved or attached with anyone. Just remember this one truth until your last breath. Nobody.

You will only, always only, have yourself. In your best and in your worst moments, in the center of that moment, it’s always just you. You are born alone, you live alone, and you will die alone. Others come and go and might stay for a while and you may enjoy their company. But don’t fool yourself with thinking that they are there for you. They are, just like you, only there for themselves. It’s their right and their prerogative also, as it is your duty to come to this awareness. You need nobody.

It’s the loneliest realization to ever make, but it’s necessary to prevent any further disappointment and protect yourself from rejection and every form of hurt. Accept misery from…exactly, nobody.

It’s easy once you get it. You will always have nobody. No matter how deeply they love you, no matter how many unconditional promises were planted in your fertile soil of optimists belief. No matter how close and compassionate they may seem, they are never going to be there for you when you actually need them. That is a promise I can make in the name of the universe.


The most common mistake people tend to make, is assuming that the opposite of love is hate. That you either love or hate someone, while actually, both notions exist simultaneously, in the same space, at the same time.

When you don’t have love in your life, you don’t necessarily have hate instead. What you do have, when you don’t have love…is silence, solitude and fear.
Fear of being left out, fear of living or dying alone, fear of not being remembered or seen or heard. No one to talk to, nobody to rely on, no sheltering arms around you, no shoulder to cry on, no special person to share all that you value. Silence in your soul and emptiness in your heart.

From this silence, solitude and fear…this lack of love, we actually have a choice we can make. We choose..
    either hate; including hurt, anger and sadness, following each other up like chackles in a chain, on a downward spiral of negativity, of hating everything and everyone, especially ourselves..
    or love; opening doors to hope, faith and happiness, equally following each other up like steps to a stairs, up to whatever we aspire to reach or become, believing in the good of life and being receptive for all the positivity of luck..

Two seperate paths with many intersections..
Love or Hate. It’s upto you.

Geef mij maar lust..

Geef mij maar lust. Heerlijke nietsontziende, grijpbare, alles-consumerende lust. Gebruik makende van de energie van de liefde, voort bouwende op de energie van de passie. De perfecte combinatie van elementen met als enig doel en oogpunt een volmaakte en complete vervulling van onze meest roerende begeertes en vurigste verlangens.

Lust, zij overheerst en overleeft de liefde, op menig vlak. Wordt nimmer geleid door emoties als angst, verdriet of wanhoop, maar slechts door de voortdurende zoektocht, de voortstuwende ambitie naar geluk, plezier, vreugde en genot.

Lust is de enige echte doeloorzaak voor pure optimisten. De weg naar een beter, prettiger en tevredener leven is nimmer de liefde, welke slechts gevolgd wordt door een spoor van tranen, en vervolgens verdrinkt in de zeeën die daarmee ontstaan, maar liever de lust in al haar glorie. Dus, zodoende en als zodanig, geef mij maar lust.

A modest translation:

I prefer lust. Deliciously ruthless, tangible, all-consuming lust. Making use of the energy of love, building on the energy of passion. The perfect combination of elements with as only purpose and view a flawless and complete fulfillment of our most moving avidity and fiery desires.

Lust, she dominates and survives love, on many levels. Will never be guided by emotions like fear, sorrow or dispair, but solely by the enduring journey, the propellent ambition for happiness, pleasure, joy and bliss.

Lust is the only teleologic cause for pure optimists. The road towards a better, nicer and satisfied life is never love, which is always followed by a trail of tears, and then drowns in seas that are formed thereby, but rather lust in all her glory. So, therefore and as such, I prefer lust.