Poem of Inspiration

Today I would like to share with you a poem I wrote last night. It represents my current attitude, my mental state is elevated.

Inspired by someone I know, I’ve put it to words:

You make me want to achieve something
You make me want to work & fight & strive
You make me believe in the power of wanting
You inspire me to make something of my life

And all just by looking at you
And all you’ve done and all you do
It doesn’t make me jealous
It doesn’t make me feel I am less

It just makes me want to be more
Try harder, have a goal to go for
Grow farther
Towards where no one has been before

And beyond
Do what I really want
And what I’m good at
Be smart, keep my mind set
Never regret, and never forget
Pride is something I always had

Now it’s time to put it to good use
If I don’t try to win
I will definetly lose
And that’s something
I simply refuse
So I’m going all in
To follow what I choose

Thanks for the inspiration
Heartfelt without hesitation
One day you’ll catch my appreciation
I promise this, without exaggeration”

I hope you liked it.. In my next post I’ll try to explain why and how I came to name my blog ‘Truth Beyond Mystery’ (:

My thought of the day:
Everything implies access to possibilities.
Possibilities imply access to everything.


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