Today was a good day.

The odds were off, everything was working against what we know best. Every fear was found unfounded, the air was filled with the most precious unpredictability.

I saw somebody walking on the street, with the exact same t-shirt, as the one you used to wear, and was my favorite.
I spend all day with a gorgeous sweet guy, who wore the exact same shoes you bought as a gift for your own birthday last month.

Seemingly irrelevant notions, but to me it raised caution..
What do these signs tell me ?
This I know..

That I can safely let you go
That it’s okay for me to move on
That my dreams are now in reach
That I only have to get up and grab them
With both hands
Pull myself up
With all my strength
Cut off the dead weight
Of your corpse drowning in my memories

My thought of the day:
Don’t try to erase your past.
Instead replace it with your future.


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