Trainwrecks of Thoughts

take my breath away
cause it hurts and aches
and I don’t care for it anymore
I want to be more than before

you should keep your distance
cause in an instant
I can turn violent on you
even though I don’t want to

and I don’t deal with regret
it’s a selfish & senseless act
and I hate a powerless feeling
cause it’s doesn’t provide healing

I just want my lungs gone
with my heart I’m also done
I have no need for it
will live solely by courage

and fed by frustration
a severe separation
of the morbid mind
where there is no flaw to find

I long so long for peace
but am bound by this disease
these trainwrecks of thoughts
restraining from what I ought

still my movements are empty
and your hatred only tempts me
to stack up strength
and reach for revenge

fear for what will follow
the words you read are hollow
but the sensation it gives you
is worse than you can live through


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